Collegium brings together the best academic, ministerial, lay, and other resources to bear upon the intellectual life of Unitarian Universalism through encouraging, sharing, and distributing scholarly and other creative work.

    Collegium is a mutually supportive network of academic and independent scholars, ministers, and students, most but not all of whom are Unitarian Universalists.

    This group of women and men involved in scholarly pursuits related to liberal religious studies has met annually since 1975 to share mutual interests and work-in-progress. Members gather for a weekend each October or November, alternating between a Boston-area location, one near Chicago or one in the San Francisco area. Sessions include a presentation by an invited Distinguished Scholar and meetings of separate groups interested in one of two focus areas – history and theology and ethics – to hear and discuss papers presented by members. Manuscripts benefit from friendly critique, ideas are sparked, and resources are shared in conversation with one another.

    Distinguished scholars who have honored Collegium over the years include James Luther Adams, Mark Morrison-Reed (right), George Huntston Williams, Kendra and Huston Smith, Clare Benedicks Fischer, and Thandeka. From time to time the association sponsors the publication of conference proceedings and other scholarly work related to liberal religion.


    Begun in 1975 to foster collegial connections and intellectual conversations among academic and independent scholars, the Unitarian Universalist Collegium has a distinguished history of four decades.

    The chief visionary in founding Collegium was James Luther Adams (1901-1994), whose commitment to Unitarian and then Unitarian Universalist scholarship was long evident in his own teaching career and his leading role in founding the Greenfield Group. READ MORE.

    As James Luther Adams noticed forty years ago, there is still a need to bring together scholars in different contexts and stages. Collegium strives to continue to be a community that nurtures vital intellectual conversation about Unitarian Universalism.

    Learn more about JLA at the James Luther Adams Foundation.

    Covenant of Right Relationship

    We who participate in UU Collegium agree to treat each other fairly and respectfully. We are committed to supporting one another’s continuing education, scholarly work, academic interests, and related skills and talents. By accepting and practicing the following attitudes and actions, we agree to… Download Covenant.


    The Collegium Constitution, last amended in 2010, has nine parts: (1) Introduction; (2) Programs; (3) Scholar’s Database; (4) Membership; (5) Officers; (6) Responsibilities of Officers; (7) Executive Committee; (8) Responsibilities of the Executive Committee; and (9) Amending the Constitution. Download Constitution

    Living Tradition

    Collegium is a living tradition of scholars liberal religious studies. Please add your voice to this diverse group of thinkers. We welcome your scholarly contributions and look forward to working with and learning from you.

    Distinguished Scholars

    2016 Rosemary Bray McNatt
    2015 Gary Dorrien
    2014 Anthony B. Pinn
    2013 Philip F. Gura
    2012 Mark A. Hicks
    2011 Gabriella Lettini
    2010 Catherine Keller
    2009 Phillip Hewitt
    2008 Mark Morrison-Reed
    2007 Daniel Berrigan
    2006 Glenna Matthews
    2005 Ursula Goodendough
    2004 David Johnson
    2003 Rebecca Parker
    2002 John Hayward
    2001 Robert Richardson
    2000 Gene Reeves
    25th Anniv. Speaker, Neil Gerdes
    1999 Rosemary Radford Ruether
    Honored Member, Spencer Lavan
    1998 Robert R. Richardson ^
    1998 Ernest Cassara
    1997 Margaret Miles

    1996 Ronald Engel
    1995 John Godbey
    1994 David Robinson
    1993 Thandeka
    1992 Sharon Welch
    1991 Sharon Welch ^
    1990 Kendra & Huston Smith
    1989 Jack Mendelsohn
    1988 Clare Fischer
    1987 William R. Jones
    1986 James Luther Adams
    1985 Daniel Berrigan ^
    1984 Ralph Burhoe
    1983 Conrad Wright
    1982 John C. Bennett
    1981 Bernard Loomer
    1980 Sidney E. Mead
    1979 Bernard Meland
    1978 George G. Williams
    1977 Charles Hartsthorne
    1976 Spencer Lavan
    1975 James Luther Adams

    ^ Unable to Attend

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