The Ministers Group is for any member of the Unitarian Universalist Collegium who is also ordained.

The current mascot for this group is Olympia Brown (January 5, 1835-October 23, 1926), the first woman graduate of a regularly established theological school: St. Lawrence University. She was ordained a Universalist minister, the first woman to achieve full ministerial standing recognized by a denomination. The cover photo is of the Rev. Dr. Rob Hardies, Senior Minister of All Souls Unitarian, standing next to a tribute to former All Souls Unitarian minister, the Rev. James Reeb (1927-1965).

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  • Hello, colleagues! I'm a semi-retired UU community and parish minister, having served congregations and UU and social justice organizations for over 30 years. I'm often known as a key founder of the UU Women's Heritage Society, but more recently I was co-founder of UU Class Conversations.

    I'm also an author of several books, including Standing Before Us: Unitarian Universalist Women and Socail Reform 1776-1936 and Called to Community: New Directions in Unitarian Universalist Ministry. My most recent book is Sea Change: the unfinished agenda of the 1960s. I look forward to encouraging reflections on the Sixties at the upcoming gathering in October and sharing this work in Sunday services and at other UU gatherings. 

    My other continuing work is with UU Class Conversations, co-facilitating workshops with UUs across the country. I see this work as essential to the true living of our UU principles and am pleased with the support given by the recent Commission of Appraisal study of class and classism.

    Other than that, I'm divesting of many of my books, pieces of art, and other things in preparation for moving to a more accessible apartment. Winding down a bit in my 74th year, hoping to spend more time with friends, and traveling. I may also write one more book on my search for community in the 1970s and 80s. 


  • Greetings, Colleagues! I recently retired from full-time ministry having served the Shoreline UU Society in Madison, CT and the UU Society of Amherst, MA. Currently I am doing summaries of English correspondence for the Unitarian Archives in Koloszvar, Transylvania; researching Anna Eddy Richmond, a 19th century woman who made a major contribution to the Koloszvar Unitarian Seminary; serving as a member of the Pacific Western Region Ministerial Transition Team; and doing local consulting.
  • Hello All,

    I currently serve as minister at the First Parish in Wayland, MA. This is my first call after receiving fellowship in Dec, 2013 and being ordained in May, 2014. I follow the long-tenured Ken Sawyer whose intellectually rich preaching readied them to welcome a minister with an academic doctorate in religion. 

    As a minister-scholar in a parish context, I reflect often on how to bring the resources of my education into my ministry in a meaningful way. I'm also learning how to find adequate time to sustain my own academic reading and research, which for me are a key spiritual practice that feeds my capacity to minister. I welcome discussion on either of these points.

  • Hello colleagues. I'm pleased to join the ministers group, which celebrates clergy who do scholarly work.

    For fifteen years, I served congregations in various capacities in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, the last seven as the Senior Minister and Executive Director of the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia.

    I've written two books about ministry, "Exorcising Preaching: Crafting Intellectually Honest Worship" (Chalice Press 2014) and "Experiments with the Moral Imagination" (Skinner House, forthcoming 2015-16).

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