2019 Schedule Overview

SCHEDULE (as of 9/13)


12:00 pm                Tours of DC Museums  (optional—see below)

3:00 pm                  Registration opens

6:00 pm                  Dinner

7:00 pm                  Collegium Scholar Talk 1

            “Bring Up the Bodies” –Mark Harris


7:30 am                Breakfast

8:30 am                Chapel

9:00 am                Programming

  • Room A: “An English Businessman, Transylvanian Bishops, & an American Unitarian Woman”—Claudia Elferdink;“Ralph Waldo Emerson: How India Created America's First Universalist Unitarian” – Lauren Levwood
  • Room B: “Catholic Heart, Unitarian Mind: Identity in William Sullivan’s The Priest” – Isaac May; “George Pullman’s Religious World” – Nicole Kirk

10:30 am                 Break

11:00 am                 UUHHS Speaker Talk 1

 “Liberal Theology and American Abolitionism” – Christopher Cameron

12:15 pm                  Lunch

1:30 pm                   Programming

  • Room A: “Re-Assessing Origins of Women's Ministry” – Barbara Cooeyman;     ""This far away ... western country"": Cogwell's mission to Nebraska” – Jo Paoletti
  • Room B: “Universalists and the Struggle to Define ""Heresy"" 1770-1840” – Spencer Wells; “""A God Clothed In Our Form"": Intensifying Channing's Iconoclasm” – Jeffrey Speaks

3:00 pm                  Break

3:30 pm                  Programming

  • Room A: “Bucking the Patriarchy: Florence Buck's Education Advocacy As Queer Feminist” – Denise Cawley;  “Who are these church women? Institute for Religious Education 1916” – Kimberlee Carlson, Kim Mason
  • Room B: “Who was Jared Sparks?” – Arliss Ungar; “The Beginnings of Unitarianism in Baltimore” – Catherine Evans

5:00 pm                  Trip to First Unitarian, Baltimore

Keynote by Dan McKanan

(Transportation and dinner included with registration)


7:30 am                Breakfast

8:30 am                Worship – Award Sermon by Karyn Marsh

9:15 am                Collegium Scholar Talk 2

“Riding the Circuit to Salvation” –Mark Harris

10:30 am                 Break

11:00 am                 White Supremacy Workshop

12:15 pm                 Lunch

12:45 pm               Collegium Business Meeting

2:00 pm                  Panel—“Black UU Living History:  Recording History as We Live It”—

Paige Ingram and members of Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU)

3:00 pm                  Break

3:30 pm                  Programming

  • Room A: “Rev. George L. Chaney and the Existence of Southern Unitarianism” – Jim Kelley; “Origins of Universalism in South Carolina 1780-1900” – Jay Kiskel
  • Room B: “Rev. Samuel West: Savior of the U.S. Constitution?” – Richard Kellaway; “Channing in the Panic of 1819” – Frank Carpenter

5:15 pm                 Performance       “Love Notes”—Murray Grove Players

6:00 pm                  Dinner

7:00 pm                  UUHHS Speaker Talk 2

                                     “Black Freethought from Slavery to Civil Rights” –Christopher Cameron

8:30 pm                  Recorded Performance     “Plays on Principle”—Pat Montley


7:30 am                   Breakfast

8:30 am                   Chapel            Led by Harvard Divinity School Students

9:00 am                  Programming

Room A: “Origins of Unitarianism and Universalism in New Orleans” – Paul Beedle; “Moncure Daniel Conway’s Exodus through Baltimore, 1862” – Scott Holland

Room B:  ““UU Ordained Ministers and Lay Ministers: History, Compatibility, Potential” – Holly Dempsey;  “Lessons from Unitarian Advocacy for the Mentally Ill” –Janet Holden       

10:30 am                 Break

11:00 am                 Panel—"The Berry Street Essays; 200 years Inside Inquiry” – Kate Walker, moderator with authors of forthcoming book

12:00 pm                Lunch


2019 Convo

Please join us for our annual meeting on Oct 17-20, 2019 at the Maritime Center, near Baltimore, MD.

The 2019 Convocation of Unitarian Universalist Studies celebrates the 200thanniversary of William Ellery Channing’s sermon “Unitarian Christianity” and the 250thanniversary of John Murray’s arrival in North America. The theme looks at the theological and social justice implications of what they preached – not only in their time but in the decades that followed. The program includes plenary talks, papers, performances, and an award-winning sermon. There will also be a featured workshop on dismantling white supremacy as well as a panel on the Black UU Living History Project and another panel on the history of Berry Street Lecture. 

Join in a rich gathering of ministers, scholars, students, and all others who value exploring the history, heritage, and future of Unitarian Universalism.


Registration is now open! 

Please register online now.

2019 Distinguished Scholar and UUHHS Speaker


UU History & Heritage theme Speaker:
Christopher Cameron

Friday, 11:00 a.m.; Saturday, 7:00 p.m.

Assistant Professor of History at University of North Carolina, Charlotte.

A scholar of early American history and African American Religion, Dr. Cameron explored the relationship between Puritan theology and the rise of black abolitionism in his first book, To Plead Our Own Cause: African Americans in Massachusetts and the Making of the Antislavery Movement.


Collegium Distinguished Scholar:
Mark Harris

Thursday, 7:00pm, Saturday, 9:15am

Minister Emeritus of First Parish in Watertown, Massachusetts.
Rev. Harris is a long-time scholar and educator. He is the author of the Historical Dictionary of Unitarian Universalism, Elite: Uncovering Classism in Unitarian Universalist History, and (with Andrea Greenwood) An Introduction to the Unitarian and Universalist Traditions.