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Welcome to the archive of papers presented at the annual conferences of the Unitarian Universalist Collegium. If you wish to read more about a particular presentation—a complete paper, notes of research in progress, an outline of a workshop—we invite you to contact the presenter directly by clicking on the names of the scholars who have registered with this social networking website.

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2014 Conference Papers

  • Jay Atkinson, "Unitarians in Poland: History and Rebirth"
  • Colin Bossen, "With Two Lamps to Guide Me: Staughton Lynd as Theologian"
  • Barbara Coeyman, "Universalists Response to Women in Ministry: The Example of the First Ordained Woman, Lydia Jenkins (1824-1874)"
  • Dorothy Chappell, "From the Ground Up: Towards a Unitarian Universalist Eco-Theology"
  • John Leeker, "Lived Unitarian Universalism and the Archival Record"
  • Daniel McKanan, “A New Collection of Primary Sources for Unitarian Universalist History”
  • Anthony Pinn, "Death and Taxes: Humanism and the Limits of Charity"
  • Anthony Pinn, "Death and Taxes: Humanism, Death, and Cultural Production"
  • Myriam Renaud, "Liberal Middle-Class Religion and Theology: From Problem to Working-Class Ally"
  • Roy Whitaker, "'He Has Shown Up More Fully by Disappearing': Tupac, Trans/humanism, and Technology in an Era of Digital Illusion"

2013 Conference Papers

  • Jay Atkinson, "Conversation as Epistemic Practice in Congregational Life"
  • George Kimmich Beach, "On Reading Mark With Two Eyes"
  • Colin Bossen, "Recovering Abby Price"
  • John A Buehrens, "Discipleship and Amnesia"
  • Dana Capasso, “The Life of The Reverend Mila Frances Tupper Maynard”
  • Al Carlson and Helen Popenoe, "The Greater Washington Association: Achieving Interdependence Among Unitarian Universalist Congregations."
  • Barbara Coeyman, “19th-Century Women in Liberal Ministry: Symbols of Progress, or Marks of Institutional Conflict?”
  • Patrice K. Curtis and Jennifer Whitten, "Promise of Beyond: Utopian Influence in our Movement Today"
  • Gail Forsyth-Vail and Pat Kahn, "Our Seventh Source: UU History in Faith Development for All Ages"
  • Gordon Gibson, "Heroes without Halos"
  • Greater Washington Religious Educators Cluster (GWAREC), "Teaching All Ages About Our History"
  • Lavona Grow & Hal Fuller, "Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice in the Capital Region: Thirteen Years of Collaboration"
  • Avery (Pete) Guest, "Hosea Ballou’s Other Family"
  • Philip F. Gura, "From Edwards to Emerson, Revisited"
  • Philip F. Gura, "Self and Society in Antebellum Religion and Literature"
  • Mark Harris, "John Brown, The Secret Six, and the Role of Violence in Social Change.”
  • Emily Mace, "Digital Resources for Unitarian Universalist Scholars and Congregations"
  • Bruce Marshall, "Unitarians and Universalists of Washington, DC: A Photo History"
  • Doug McCusker, "The Better Way of Peace – The Peace Activism of Jenkin Lloyd Jones"
  • Mark Morrison-Reed, "Race: The Circumstantial Influence of UUism on U.S. Policy"
  • Lee Paczulla, "The Ministry of David Eaton: Lessons for a Multicultural Age"
  • Frank Potter, :The Radical Adams Couple of the West (Dubuque) and their Transcendental and Suffragist Friends"
  • Robert Reutenauer, "'The most active spirit in the dissenting group': Universalism, Democracy, and Anti-slavery in the Hartford of John Milton Niles, 1816-1856."
  • Michael S. Riggs, "Revisiting Edward Everett’s Antebellum Tightrope Act: Loyal Northern Unionist with Reluctant Southern Sympathies"
  • Madeleine Robins, "A. Powell Davies in the Nation’s Capital: Bringing the Past to the Present"
  • Rosemarie Smurzynski, "Navigating Archival Treasures at Mount Auburn Cemetery"
  • Mimi Stevens, "Is This the Unitarian Universalist 'Good Book'?
  • Allison Stokes, "A Story of Interracial Friendship and Social Activism: Unitarian Reformers Celia Parker Woolley (1848-1918) and Fannie Barrier Williams (1855-1944)"
  • Susan Elisabeth Subak, "VE Day and We’re Still Here! The Success of the Unitarian Service Committee during World War II"

2012 Conference Papers

  • Jay Atkinson, "Alfred Cole Unmasked: The Provenance of the Universalist Preaching Commission"
  • Barbara Coyeman, "Woman’s Rights Reformer, First Ordained Universalist Woman, and Doctor of Water Cure"

2008 Conference Papers

  • Alicia Forsey, "The Promise: Queen Isabella Sforza Zapolya of Transylvania and Sultan Suleyman of the Ottoman Empire"
  • John B. Hooper, "Peacemaking as an Embodied Phenomenon: A Religious Naturalist Perspective."
  • Myriam Renaud, "On Unitarian Universalist Duties: Looking Forward with Cicero and Kant"